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CoinPayYu is a free crypto advertising network with 15 Free Cryptocurrency faucets! Get cryptocurrencies also by viewing ads, doing surveys and reading and writing articles! Join today!

Claim Free CryptoCoinPayYu is the World’s largest free crypto platform having recently celebrated reaching 300 million users. A really impressive achievement! I believe their success is well deserved because they’re really helping people, businesses and even our planet with crypto!

This is a growing trend with advertisers and website owners who are using free cryptocurrencies as a incentive to view their ads. Crypto enthusiasts tend to be passionate about cryptocurrencies and inherently technically adept. This makes them really desirable clients for tech, web3, cryptocurrency websites and businesses.

From their website;


Freedom to crypto for people from worldwide.

  • 85% of system revenue will be distributed to our users. The more contribution of users, the more revenues you will have.
  • Coinpayu team revenue will be used for system development, team salary and system infrastructure fees, which will constantly improve the Coinpayu system.
  • Coinpayu is not just Coinpayu’s. It’s belonging to our community.

Human and nature sustainable development

Part of system profit will be used for planting trees. Make our planet more beautiful!

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Claim Free Crypto Every 60 Minutes at CoinPayU!
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