Tiffany’s Reveals First NFTs For 30 ETH Each!

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Legendary Luxury Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is launching a series of NFTs

The jeweler hinted at its upcoming sale, set to begin August 5, by tweeting out a video of a pixelated grid revealing: NFTiff.

The tweet also specified a price of 30 Ethereum (just over $51,000 at today’s price).

The website the tweet links to says the offering will have a limited supply of 250. The NFTiffs, the first NFT product offered by Tiffany & Co., are being introduced after the company has flirted with diving deeper into Web3 for months.

In March, Tiffany & Co. ventured into the NFT space for the first time with its purchase of an Okapi NFT from Tom Sachs. The luxury goods retailer reportedly purchased the NFT for $380,000 and has since set it as the company’s profile picture on twitter.

In April it dropped TiffCoins, a series of limited-edition gold coins that debuted on April Fools’ Day. The solid gold coins were limited to a total of 499 in production and they each were individually engraved.

“No, we’re not launching our own cryptocurrency,” Tiffany & Co. stated on its website. “But these very real limited-release 18k gold coins are a modern version of our Tiffany Money and a wonderful celebration of our history.”

The page for NFTiffs features a statement at the bottom saying it’s “powered by Chain,” a block-chain based technology company founded in 2014 that’s received funding from companies including Capital One, Nasdaq, and Visa.

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