What Are Meebits? Metaverse-Ready NFTs From CryptoPunks

What Are Meebits?
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Meebits are a series of 20,000 3D voxel NFT characters with randomized traits.

Launched in 2017, From the studio behind CryptoPunks, CryptoPunks were one of the earliest examples of an NFT crypto collectible; a series of 10,000 pixel-art profile pictures (PFPs) with randomized traits.

They proved to be a runaway success, with NFT enthusiasts paying tens of millions of dollars for the 24×24 pixel images of apes, aliens and zombies. But for CryptoPunks’ creators Larva Labs, that was only the beginning.

What Are Meebits
Meebits Larva Labs

In May 2021, Larva Labs launched The Meebits, another Ethereum-based PFP NFT project with twice the supply and an additional dimension.  Like CryptoPunks, Meebits are a series of NFT characters with randomly-generated traits. There are some differences, though; unlike their two-dimensional precursors, Meebits are 3D characters rendered in voxels (so-called because they’re pixels with volume), and there are 20,000 Meebits in total.



Video: Building The Open Metaverse With Meebits!

June 29, 2022 In this presentation given at NFT.NYC 2022, Danny Greene, General Manager of the Meebits DAO, answers three questions:

1. What is the Metaverse?
2. Why is the Open Metaverse important?
3. What is the MeebitsDAO doing to build the Open Metaverse?

Registered on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC-721 The NFT contract the governs ownership is a standard ERC-721 that works with any compatible service or exchange. Integrated No-Fee Marketplace.

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